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The Mission Atelier Story 

Mission Atelier creates fine jewelry and accessories for men and women. Though Mission was founded in 2020, the brand’s story began long before that. 

Founder Bobby London has always pursued work that allowed him to express his creativity. He has worked across creative disciplines, including graphic design, fashion design, and music to allow for an outlet for his passions. When creating his fashion line, he developed a clean and abstract symbol that embodied all the elements of his design aesthetic. The symbol was originally created to adorn belt buckles, but it didn’t make it into the final collection.

The striking symbol stuck with Bobby and, years later, he stumbled across the same belt buckle in a drawer. When he serendipitously rediscovered the piece, he realized that it looked like a modern and abstract M, making it the perfect starting point for a line of sleek and sophisticated accessories. Thus Mission Atelier was born. 

By reimagining traditional accessories and approaching them as artistic explorations of scale, proportion, and white space, Mission Atelier creates pieces that are boldly simple. By thinking through every detail, from the size of a logo or the amount of space between an inlay and a bracelet’s edge, each element is carefully considered to maximize impact. 

What started off as a belt buckle has now grown into a full line of lifestyle accessories for the fast-paced and stylish. Founded in San Francisco and drawing energy from the Mission neighborhood with which it shares a name, Mission Atelier embodies the authentic blend of ease, edge, and elegance that can be found in the Mission and throughout the city. 

With the goal of offering a beautiful and unique line of minimal, modern jewelry that gives back, Mission Atelier has developed more than five distinct collections that embody refined design and unapologetic simplicity. From the sleek and minimal Valencia Collection to the bright and bold Legion styles, each and every piece is created with scale, proportion, and style in mind.

Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.

At Mission Atelier, we’re committed to empowering our customers to look good and feel their best—while also supporting mental health. Since Mission Atelier’s founding, philanthropy has been embedded in the brand’s DNA. Spurred by personal experiences and a drive to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health illnesses, Mission has always believed business is more meaningful than just the bottom line. That’s why 10 percent of our proceeds have always gone to support local mental health charities and non-profit organizations.  

We’re currently working with the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to support their cutting-edge mental health research. One in five adults lives with a mental illness, and this admirable cause is committed to awarding grants that lead to breakthroughs in scientific research. For more information about the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, you can visit their website, or join us in supporting their cause with your Mission Atelier purchase.

10% of Every Sale Supports

Mental Health Research

10% of Every Sale Supports

Mental Health Research

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research. 

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